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No. No no no no no. 

[he's doing something that involves frantic sweeping gestures with his arms, but nothing happens whatever he does]

...fuck it. Times like this I want Doll around. Or Trueman, Trueman was always a better servant than Doll.

[a pause]

...I get the feeling Doll knew about this, as well.


You know... it surprises me that no one (well, Edo anyway) ever questioned exactly what Doll is. And I'm in the sort of mood where I feel like specifying in order to get some entertainment.

You see, Doll is basically a part of Yusuke's consciousness, splintered off from his main consciousness and moulded to have loyalty to me. He was made with Yusuke's feelings for various people other than Edo - and without him, those feelings would die down to simple affection. And you see... I told Yusuke how to get rid of Doll. And he knows exactly what Doll is.

Which, and I'm sure you'll agree, Edo, begs the question... if Yusuke loves you so much, then why isn't he willing to let go of those feelings, hmm?


Hmm. Well, other than the current... events, for lack of a better term, this place is extremely boring. I feel almost like getting a job, or at least a hobby. Pro dueling would possibly seem like a good choice, except the whole game in general has always bored me, and I've only ever played when necessary.

Any ideas?



I am not jealous. There is nothing to be jealous about. This does not please me. It is white.


...suddenly I'm very glad that this was a blank body so I can take advantage of being ambidextrous.

Yusuke. Edo. Apologies for your wall, if you want me to pay for the damage I'll get some money somehow.



 This is the reason I never let Fubuki join the Hikari no Kessha other than the obvious reason. He makes a fucking sickening doll.

...especially to him. Should never have helped let that bastard out.


You're all incredibly boring. I wonder, how can you have not noticed that before now...?

Almost makes me wish I hadn't let Fubuki go. He was fun. Hnn.


Ryo. Don't bother trying to talk to me, I've seen your conversations with Fubuki and it's not hard to reach the right conclusions from them. I'll be out of your room by tonight.


Ill or not, I do pay attention to what's going on around me. Don't think I have't seen your plans.

Saiou. What I discussed with you earlier. I'd like to meet up with you again, if that's okay?


I think I'm getting ill. And I don't like it. When you said this body would be limited Ryo, I didn't realise you meant this much. Make it better, dammit.

Also, Misawa? You might want to find yourself a good hiding place. Once I feel like doing something outside of rolling over and dying, you're going to know about it.

...and don't feel you're exempt from that either, Ryo. Although I might kick you a little lighter because you did get me this body.

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